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Indonesian players can browse neighborhood and worldwide installment choices. In any case, the variety of upheld keeping money techniques differs starting with one gambling club then onto the next. Since most gambling clubs require making the two stores and withdrawals through a similar managing an account technique, it is prescribed to decide on e-wallets which will furnish you with a smooth and safe administration.


It relies upon the gambling club you play at. Most trustworthy club won’t charge you expenses on stores and withdrawals, yet for more data, you should visit the Banking segment of a picked gaming foundation. In the event that you play in a money other than INR and you convert your national cash to it on the web, you will be charged a trade expense.


You definitely can. Today more gaming organizations build up their items to be accessible for versatile play. With no download required, you can get to live clubhouse recreations and appreciate them in a hurry whether you utilize a cell phone or tablet.  judi online indonesia

The percentage of payments in virtual casinos

Professional gamblers in choosing an institution always look at the payment of online casinos, because this indicator is a great value for the player, giving the opportunity to preliminarily assess their chances of winning.

Why in the standard casino a low percentage of payments

Please note that the percentage of payments in online institutions is much higher than in the off-line casino. There is nothing surprising, because land-based casinos are forced to spend a lot on renting a room, paying for the work of numerous staff, taxes, concert programs and shows, and much more. Naturally, all this requires a lot of money, and in fact, no institution will not work at a loss. So it turns out that the clients of land-based casinos are often ripped to the finish to cover expenses and reach a normal profit. On average, offline gambling institutions return in the form of winnings only up to 80% of all money that players have spent on buying chips. In some months this percentage may be higher, but not much. We will not turn the article into mathematical calculations and give a concrete example of what this means in practice for the average player: if you come to a casino with $ 100 in your pocket, you will leave it with a maximum of $ 80 (unless, of course, you are lucky enough to break the jackpot ).

92% for online institutions – not the limit!

On the contrary, payments in casinos working online often reach 92-99%! Why, you ask? Yes, because online institutions have no such problems. Often, they are registered in offshore zones, so they are not forced to pay most taxes, they do not have a large staff, they do not need to spend money on premises and equipment.
This does not mean that the owners of a virtual gambling establishment are not wasted at all – the cost of software alone (software) can reach six-digit and even seven-digit amounts. But even this amount is an order of magnitude lower than that of a land-based casino, which allows you to set an adequate return percentage.

Source: The percentage of payments in virtual casinos

Online casino with minimal deposits: advantages and disadvantages

In order to play in an online casino it is not necessary to have large sums of money on hand. Many resources suggest starting the game and scanty amounts: 1 dollar, 10 dollars, 100 rubles. The smallest amount that takes to start an online casino game is called a minimum deposit. The values ​​of the minimum deposits in the casino are very small. There is even a resource that takes 1 ruble, and rates start from 1 kopeck. A lot with such investments you, of course do not win, but you will not lose much.

Advantages of a minimum deposit

Online casino with a minimum deposit is the best option for beginners. By contributing to the account of small money you can gradually accumulate experience, developing your own style of play, choose a game in which you are more lucky, have fun not particularly harming your pocket, etc.

For example, in an online casino the minimum deposit is $ 10, and the minimum bet is 1 cent. If you are a little lucky, you can enjoy the whole evening. In this case, even a loss will not cause you tangible losses.

Minimal deposits are interesting not only for beginners. This is also convenient if you decide to test a new gaming establishment and do not know how much you like it. In this case, a small amount deposited on the account will allow you to assess the speed of money I / O, the quality of the software and its speed, the range of games and their appeal to you.

Disadvantages of a casino with a minimum deposit

Online casinos with a minimum deposit are certainly convenient for acquiring experience and testing the casino, but there are also disadvantages:

  • It is very rare when you make small amounts of casino pays bonuses. In the same institutions, where they are paid in any case, the amount of compensation depends on the amount paid. True, not all players consider bonuses a useful thing, because they almost always need to be played.
  • With minimal investment, you should not expect big gains.

Source: Online casino with minimal deposits: advantages and disadvantages

The availability of online casino games around the world

“About how widespread online gambling is in the world, and what should players do to play safely and legally.”

Millions of players around the world are the best evidence of the rapid development momentum gambling online games have received in recent years.The emergence of mobile, new, improved technologies made the casino accessible to those people who had not even dreamed of getting a chance to try their luck at a real casino before.

Like enthusiasts of casino games, similar opportunities have become available to fans of sports betting, scratch cards and lotteries, which now, without leaving home, enjoy their favorite entertainment through online bookmakers, network lottery operators and the like.

Accessibility in the world

Despite all this, it should be noted that about half of the people in the world for one reason or another can not play online gambling games in their countries. Only in 60 countries this type of activity is licensed by the state, and such entertainment is allowed for all citizens.

The following information collected and analyzed by the KeyToCasino resource sheds light on the availability of online casinos around the world. The study covers gambling legislation in 225 countries and territories, and provides an overview of the global availability of gambling Internet facilities.

Source: The availability of online casino games around the world

Gtech Corporation

IGT enables players to experience their favorite games across all channels and regulated segments, from Gaming Machines and Lotteries to Interactive and Social Gaming. Leveraging a wealth of premium content, substantial investment in innovation, in-depth customer intelligence, operational expertise, and leading-edge technology, our gaming solutions anticipate the demands of consumers wherever they decide to play.


A casino floor is as diverse as the players it entertains. That’s why IGT delivers a comprehensive portfolio of games, creating a differentiated and winning combination for you and your players. Sure, we have the largest game library, most successful titles, and are the number one provider of hardware and systems. But it takes more than that to be successful. It takes a continued commitment to delivering games that appeal to loyal players, while delivering new themes, math models, and innovation to attract new players.

Source: Gtech Corporation

Ken Uston the King of Blackjack

Maybe someone was asked who was the most successful and skillful casino player of all time. The answer is definitely not easy but definitely Ken Uston comes right into the Olympics of the most talented players ever.

Born on January 12, 1935, in New York, as a Japanese father, he had a strong schooling ability from the outset that led him to graduate in economics at the prestigious Yale University. Within a few years he becomes CEO of the Pacific Clearing Corporation but soon lives a real existential crisis that moves him away from the world of finance and economy considered full of greed and backgammon. The turnaround or stroke of the world of gambling occurred on a 1965 evening when he met a bettor ” Al Francesco ” at a party that introduced him into the world of card counting in Blackjack . Ken was so passionate about starting to study the game manically and once he felt safe, he left for Las Vegas where he joined a group of other players who will be called ” the great player card counters team “.

The team worked so that Uston and other players went to the casinos, counted the cards, and looked for the tables with the most interesting betting deck. Once they found the deck that would give the team the chance to win, they made a signal for the great player. At this point the big player made the bets and the team collected the gains. A brilliant and perfectly oiled strategy that soon gained a lot of money but also many gossip and envy until, after the trick was discovered, all the group’s players were banned from playing in Las Vegas .

Ken UstonKen, however, did not lose heart and moved to Atlantic City, which was becoming a big US gambling center and rebuilt his team. Even in this city, however, it was quickly discovered and again banned from all the casinos in the city. Uston then called for a cause that will become famous in history: Uston vs. Resorts International where he won since the court ruled that casinos can not ban gamers with particular abilities.

Memorable remains also her disguises to evade surveillance and deceive the croupiers who now knew him perfectly. A player says he saw Ken dressed as a Hoover Dam worker while distributing his bets from the minimum to the maximum on a single deck, which usually looks like a blow.

He soon became a star his stories came to the TV and the newspapers. For all the 70s and 80s , Uston saw a remarkable success at blackjack tables, which made him celebrate a celebrity’s lifestyle: festivals, suites, Limousin, and many women were the world’s corollary of his life, but it was very little . He died of a heart attack in his Paris apartment at the age of 52. It was 1987 but by now Ken had become a legend.

In August the bank loses … the sports betting in red!

The news posted a few days ago by APCOM and about the world of sports betting is quite unusual in gambling. The total collection of all bookmakers this month stood at 266 million euros (79 million from online gambling …). Until now, nothing fancy, indeed, the figure is very high considering that this month was only touched by the football championship, the main betting catalyst in the Bel Country. The staggering figure is that of winnings distribution, which has touched 262 million, that is, about 98.4% of the total played. Considering the taxes (11 million euros) and the high management costs, it can easily be deduced that the system as a whole has gone to “red”.

The reasons for this debacle can be varied. A particular situation in the event that has favorably randomized the bettors does not seem to be credible as the only reason. Like all gambling games, even the bet is designed to redistribute a fraction of the many of the games, piling the rest. The peculiarity of the bet is to have no set rules and probabilities, but to have to be “upgraded” for each event, depending on parameters that are sometimes difficult to quantify. The shape of an athlete, his psychological condition, the race climate are difficult to evaluate; Bookmakers are usually much more alert and aware of the players, and here is one of their advantages, along with the “security” coefficients that assure him the gain. The August heat, combined with the competition, which induces to raise the odds (reducing the coefficients mentioned above) to get hold of the bettors has played a bad shot at our house libelers who for once lost their match with fans!

Rubbing the counter can you? So many tricks to win

Those who are hunting for the rules of scratching a virtual casino bank and making money will have no difficulty finding texts of any kind on the subject.

Just do a little research on the web for thousands of tips and knowing foolproof methods: “Winning beautiful sums in online casinos by investing irresistible figures” seems to be a goal now easy to reach.

It reads: “The beauty of online casinos is that, compared to the real ones, they give you the chance to get many real bonuses with different formulas in the hope of attracting more and more players.” One of the best tricks to win at online casinos would be to earn targeted bonuses and play with a lot of parsimony by earning small numbers until you reach a “cool shit.”

But in order to win you have to rely on the rules of experts, programmers, or avid gamblers. Following all their indications, often presented as infallible methods, the payout should be guaranteed. In the books and the sites dedicated to the subject, you can see precise and endless list of tricks.

Returning to bonuses, for example, here is how it is suggested to proceed. “Have you got the bonus? Do you have some credit on the casino account? Well … It’s time to play and win!” But restrain the enthusiasm the program that we are now proposing is easier to say than getting you and whoever approaches the online game for the first time is really in danger of being disoriented.

There are some who say they only play roulette, the only one you can really control. Those who would point more to blackjack, because that’s all a matter of skill. A lot of people do not like slots or video poker because they are “fun, but they are too much of luck!”

Surely the real players will not get convinced by these sentient experts. It is better that everyone has their own method of play, their tricks, and their beliefs based on direct experience. For those who approach the game for the first time, prudence and patience may be the most effective tricks.

Difficult by the casino gurus!

It is worth stressing with greater force a danger that beginners need to know: to rely on so-called strategic experts. While there are tricks and tricks that can help you maximize your winnings and minimize losses, no one is able to support the thesis of knowing a way to win at the casino: whoever does, is simply a liar.

If you come across sites or people who claim to be able to reveal (often under reward) a way to beat 100% roulette, blackjack, slot machines or video poker, just say “no thanks”.

Bingo, the play of the Italian tradition

Bingo is a game similar to the Italian lotto: it was born for this, to make the gamblers live an almost familiar atmosphere.

Control of the game is reserved to the state, which has been exercising it, since 2000, through the State Monopolies.

They entrust the use of gambling to private individuals, who make the necessary investments and the appropriate business tools. So they come up with real “Bingo halls”.

The first Italian “Bingo Room” was opened in November 2017 in Treviso: nowadays it counts more than 200 throughout the nation. Bingo, therefore, as the racket, is based on the extraction of ninety numbers that the audience in the hall marks on the folders for sale at the entrance to the room. Each folder contains fifteen random numbers: they are on three rows of five numbers each.

As numbers are extracted, you have to check if they are present among those in your card: the main win goes to the first “Bingo” scream, which brings home the biggest prize, but also wins the first one to make one, One quarter, one quarter and one in the same row.

What’s important in this game is just the announcement of the combination: this is only for the cinquina and the bingo. In the event the bettor does not indicate his achievement, he is not entitled to the prize; Otherwise the payout will be paid immediately. Payment can be in cash or, in the case of winnings over € 500, by check.

There are also other parallel prizes: “superbingo” (assigned to each player by completing his own folder within the first forty extra numbers); “Gold bingo”, “silver bingo” and “bronze bingo”, assigned on special occasions by the dealer to whom Bingo makes the 43th, 46th and 55th numbers respectively.

Nowadays, you can also play bingo on the internet on one of the online bingo sites in Italy that offer you the chance to have fun playing home and in full respect of the security of Italian law.

Why does bingo like in Italy?

The gaming offer in Italy grows year after year, yet bingo maintains its solid and historic slice of aficionados. The motive is rooted in Italian culture, of which bingo has been part of for quite some time, being said to be very similar to another very popular game in our country, the raffle.

In addition, bingo is such a hobby that is suitable for all types of players. There is no need to be a gambling expert to play bingo: just listen to the listener who extracts the numbers and be ready to mark them on your own folder, snapping with speed when you are able to complete a winning combination.

Soon will change the look

Within a short distance, you can find our usual address on the new version of one of the best Italian language portals for access to online gaming. Up-to-date news, real-time reviews, tips, and winning strategies to deploy in the offerings that the net offers gamblers.

Roulette, Keno, BlackJack and many other games no longer have secrets thanks to the professional guide of Following the tastes of players, a wider section will be devoted to online poker in all of its declines: a tribute to the king of skill games whose fever from the States is increasingly affecting the inhabitants of our beautiful peninsula.

For now, the renewal is mostly about information content, but soon will be proposed a new and more eye-catching graphic design to facilitate access to a fascinating world, but not immediate understanding for newcomers.

Casinoonline’s staff designed and implemented these changes in order to offer a better and more timely service. In a rapidly expanding market like online gambling in Italy, it is likely to remain victims of scarce information and dilettantism, for this casinoonline that is one of the historical and most consolidated realities in online gambling in Italy with this renewal aimed at Consolidate and strengthen its status as a point of reference for the enthusiastic community.

Among the contents present in a prominent place as always will be occupied by the responsible game section, has always been one of the priorities and values ​​on which the entire activity of the site is based. Game guides have been revised and made more articulate and comprehensible, taking advantage of professional gaming tips.

The reviews and selection of the best casino rooms are always made with objective and professional criteria, in order to guarantee the bettor only the best; There are so many emergent, valid and non-realities, and venturing without the right tools is far from advisable! These and many more news await you on our site, you just have to connect and discover all of them. Have fun and good luck at all!

Play responsibly!

Before we say goodbye and give you an appointment with the renewed site, a proper ending. Although gambling is not at all an activity that harms health, abusing it – as in all things, the rest – can lead to what the experts have defined as ludopathy, that is compulsive gambling syndrome .

Our advice is to play in a responsible manner, thinking only of having fun and just second in the wins; You never play money that you can not afford to miss and never pursue losses, trying to recover them at all costs.